Hey Y'all! I'm Kristin!


Where it started...

Kristin Watkins Photography has been a dream for a lot longer than it has been an actual reality. My love of photography began when I was a little girl, growing up with photo-filled walls and an unlimited access to film and cameras due to my relatives working in the industry. today, my office shelves are filled with antique cameras acquired from my grandfathers collection. They tell such a brilliant story, much like the photographs I take for my clients!


Finding My Style...

I am happiest when I have my camera in hand, shooting outside, exploring newfound beauty. I am a HUGE fan of natural light, candid love and animals. I believe that my job is to tell your story through my photographs. Weather you are a couple, a growing family, an emerging senior, a job seeking professional, or just want to have some creative fun, I am open to celebrating with you! 


Let's Create Magic!

I am a down to earth, fun loving, hardworking, go getter. I am always investing in myself and my brand to make it better. Growing as a company, business owner and creative is so important to me! Are you looking to work with someone like me to capture your life's celebrations? I would love to celebrate WITH you and capture your story!